The most important strength of our bedding is the quality of the raw materials, the straw and the olive tree collected and transformed in a very short time without deterioration due to transport or adverse weather conditions. In fact, Natur Cats is produced in Puglia, a region where both straw and olive trees are notoriously very present crops.


The characteristic requested by consumers, obtained thanks to a natural agglomerating agent.

Odor control

Thanks to the exclusive formulation and the high absorbency of the straw, it avoids the formation of bad odors.

Removable in the toilet

The agglomerated part in contact with water dissolves and can be eliminated in the humid and toilet.

100% Vegetable

Our litter is produced exclusively with waste from the cultivation of wheat and olive trees.

Long duration

The high absorbency reduces the amount of litter needed to hold urine.

Space-saving packaging

The new space-saving packaging reduces the space occupied and guarantees a better conservation of the product.

Lettiera Natur Cats

The Natur Cats litter is a product created and produced by Vet in Rete, the first Italian veterinary network whose main objective is to provide a quality veterinary service with particular attention to the well-being of our little friends.

The litter is totally vegetable and eco-sustainable as it is produced only from waste from straw processing and olive tree pruning and is processed and packaged in Puglia, a region rich in these raw materials.

Thanks to its mixture mostly made of straw processing waste, it covers a lot of bad smells, even the most important ones.

The high absorbency associated with a correct use of the product allows us to guarantee the duration of our 4 kg pack of 30 days for a medium-sized cat.

The Natur Cats looks like a micro pellet, it is dust-free, does not stick to the legs and has a high agglomerating power.

Where to buy the Natur cats

The Natur Cats litter is on sale on our ecommerce and in the best shops throughout the italian country.

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